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  • Goalie Camps

  • Private Lessons

  • Mini Clinics

  • Game Analysis/ Breakdown

  • Relevant, effective drills

  • Constant, Quality, Detailed Instruction.

  • Adeqaute, effective time in net to receive quality repetitions


At Conway Goaltending our entire focus is to provide the highest quality and most effective training techniques to the position of goaltending in all of our camps and training sessions.

What does this look like? It starts with goalies understanding the objectives of the skills needed to stop the puck. Then the goalies have to be given proper drills to build that skill set. These drills must emphasize and  be consistent with the rational to enforce the habits necessary to keeping the puck out of the net. We do not want to do drills where the skills developed do not transfer into more saves in games or where goalies are practicing scenarios that make them sloppy and vulnerable to real game situations. Next the Goalies must have constant, quality feedback to undertand if they executing the drills properly. They need to correct and learn the proper technique so that the habits can be enforced immediately. Then the goalies must be getting adeqaute time in net to build that skill set and get the proper amount of repetitions in.

All of our instructors teach the same fundamentals giving goalies clarity and understanding of how to execute the proper maneuvers. 


Goalie Camps

Our Goalie camps completely encompass all areas of goaltedning. Our camps are extremely detailed and structured in how we teach goalies to play net. We emhpasize positioning and athleticsm in our program in a modern goaltending context. Everything is done and taught with a purpose. Some drills are simulation based and some skill development based but they all contribute to our model of goaltending development. 

From a technical perspective we cover :

- Stance, Movement, shot reaction, save selection

- positioning, challenging, over challenging, depth control, reading the play

- Butterflies, t pushes, shuffles, slides,

- RVH/PKD/SMS , 1 knee down 

- high plays, low plays, rush plays, back door plays, dead angle plays

- jams, walks, traffic, playing the puck


Mental side of goaltending


Adveristy, perserverance 

Controlling Focus


Off -ice 

We want to give goalies an idea of the dedication on and off ice required to succeed. Our off ice programs are goalie specific and always catered to the age of the group of goaltenders. First, goalies have to be healthy and injury free. Flexibility and core strength are essential to keeping goalie's hips and joints functioning properly. 


Our Clinics are a condensed form of our camps. We emphasize fundamentals and getting goalies back to the good habits that make them successful.

See some of the video clips from our Mentor Mini Clinic below!


Private Training

Private Training : 1-1 or 2-1

Focused 1 on 1 goalie training with your own instructor. Private goalie training sessions focus on skill development for goalies. We get goalies feet going using their edges and moving around their crease properly. With detailed, focused,constant instruction our private sessions are an awesome way to get your reps in and keep building great habits to carry you through the season. Often, goalies learn good techniques while away at camp but over the course of the season, without regular instruciton, goalies can start to lose these habits. Private training sessions will build your skill set and emphasize great habits in your game. 

Check out our Live training schedule to see the update available sessions 


Attending Games or Practices

We can attend a game or practice to further evaluate and help develop goaltenders. Goalies need to learn proper practice habits to carry them through a seson on a daily basis.

Game evaluations are great to get more feedback and insight to ones game and find the strategies to stop more


Full Game analysis and Breakdown offerings

- See video below-

Have coach Neil come to your game anywhere in Cleveland and watch/record video for a full analysis and feedback.


Contact here us to schedule a game review/analysis 

Thanks! Message sent.

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