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College Development Camp 2021
August 8-12 | Gilmour ICe arena 

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  • Elite level goaltending camp only for high level goaltenders with aspirations to play Junior A & College hockey and above. 

  • 2007and older male and female goaltenders 

  • NEW in 2022: More ice, more work. Goaltenders will have 2 Ice sessions on 2 days during the week. Example: Monday/Wednesday Group 1 will skate 2 times. Tues/Thurs Group 2 will skate 2 times.

  • This camp is only for high level goaltenders serious about playing Juniors & College hockey.

  • This high intensity 5 day camp will be focused on goaltenders playing a modern, technical, tactical athletic game that will give them the best chance to play and succeed in Junior A and college hockey. 

  • This camp will be structured to allow for the most effective 5 days of goalie training while allowing the athletes to recover properly. An average of 2 Hours on ice daily. 90 mins or 180 mins per day. 

Off Ice training: will be focused on proper strength training, hip health/maintenance & high performance nutrition. The gap that separate players at the next level is very small and we want our goalies to have every advantage. You can’t play well if your always injured and out of the lineup. Our first priority is to teach the goaltenders is to take care of their bodies and then build for on-ice goaltending performance. All of our off ice training is focused on goaltending performance. Its a nice feather in your cap if you can bench press 400lbs but our focus is to make you able to keep more pucks out of your net. Proper off ice strength/mobilty training is essential for goalies at this age and this camp will deliver this element daily. 

Video Analysis- Studying Video will be a significant component of this camp. We believe that in order for goaltenders to effectively develop their game and read plays they must watch and study  video of pro goaltenders and themselves. Each morning will begin with analyzing pro goaltenders and their strengths, mistakes, tactics and strategies. After the ice sessions goaltenders will then get to watch themselves and  their performance to further understand and help grasp these concepts- building on them the next day. 

High Level instructiors- Specifically for this camp we will be recruiting high level goalie coaches from across North America/Europe with Junior/College/Pro Experience. We hope that bringing in more experienced and different voices will accelerate the growth and understanding of our goalies. We believe exposure to different ideas/theories/concepts of goaltenders will only further prepare them for the challenges and situations they will see in the future. Please follow our website for announcements regarding staff participation. 

Goaltending Seminars: At the highest levels of hockey knowing what to do and not to do can be make or break moments in your hockey career. During theses seminars we will discuss the ins and outs of how Junior/College hockey work. Focusing on what is important and how to succeed in high pressure environments.  

 Each camp group is limited to 16 spots. 

Goalies Traveling from out of town - Please contact us directly to coordinate a billet family for the week. 

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